Nurse's Station

Memorial Hospital at Easton

Telemetry Unit Expansion and Upgrade

Memorial Hospital's 14,670 square-foot Telemetry Unit serves 28 patients in 20 private and 4 semi-private rooms. The central caregiver hub and adjacent family lounge provide a focal point for the unit and help with wayfinding.

  • Decentralized workstations with switchable privacy glass in the view windows are located between each pair of rooms, allowing one nurse to monitor two patients closely
  • All beds have cardiac-monitored capabilities and bed space that meets ICU requirements for increased flexibility
  • Family zones offer a built-in couch/daybed, personal storage, and a reading light to make visitors more comfortable
  • Clean supply rooms, nourishment stations and medication stations are located at both ends of the unit to minimize staff travel
  • Construction was phased so that at least half of the unit always remained operational

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